ericsson vision

Ericsson Vision

A large percentage of the global cable TV infrastructure runs on Ericsson’s white label hardware and software platform. The vision project is a hybrid sales demo showcasing forthcoming features available for operators — as well as a design lab aiding future product directions.

Design & Direction

Functioning demo spanning smart watches, tablets and TV’s

Cary Gibaldi, Principal, Holografik
Gina Terada, Principal, Holografik
Andy Zeldis, Technologist
Sam Staar, Design & Animation


Make content the hero with a minimal UI powered by voice, sharing and a robust cloud backend.


Remove Visual Complexity
By leveraging voice control and tucking the menus to the edges of the screen, we created an experience with a restrained UI that didn’t overload the user with visual choice.

Premium & Cinematic
We adopted a paired-back visual design that emphasized the moving image. The aim was to give the viewer the sense of a premium experience, taking cues from fashion to the gold of classic Hollywood cinema. 

Device Agnostic
From smartwatch to phone to tablet to TV, the design system had to be adaptable and consistent across all touchpoints. 

The Thin Orange Line

We elevated the timeline bar to be front and center. This unique visual device allowed us to concentrate contextual program details in one central location.


A Typographic Upgrade

We transitioned from Helvetica Neue to Dalton Maag’s Effra. This humanist geometric typeface not only has hints of 20’s Deco, but the open apertures and counterspaces improved readability.

Vision Typography

An Open & Simplified UI

An overview of key states in the experience. Realtime effects alter background video to produce an abstracted frosted moving image.

Ericsson Vision Overview

Designed For Multiple Devices

Designed For Multiple Devices

Devices could work independently or with one another. For example, you could flick the live video you’re watching on your tablet and onto your TV.

ericsson vision

From Cluttered To Open

The before and after compared, from dense and generic to one utilizing much more white space.

before and after

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