Intel Strategy Office

Created a brand toolkit — from visuals to messaging — and consolidated multiple intranet properties into a single platform.

Design & Direction

Business Group Site

Matt Turrini, PM
Erwin Dumas, Senior Design
Lexie Perez, Strategy
Rachel Rose, Development
Brian Kennedy, Content Strategy


Combine multiple properties and increase traffic


Simplify & Consolidate Properties
There were multiple avenues of engagement for the audience — we deconstructed content, defined the user journeys, engaged in qualitative and quantitive surveys to better understand the needs of both the audience and business entity.

Increase Visibility & Engagement
We transitioned the galaxy of sites into the updated main hub for all things Intel Circuit (details here). This platform choice would have benefits ranging from dramatically higher traffic to a richer support structure for authors.

Redefine Messaging & Branding
We focused the messaging to be more digestible and approachable. We also created a simplified toolkit of branded visual elements to help our partners maintain visual differentiation within the company.

The Discovery Phase

We audited all content, visualized the user journeys, ran large-scale surveys of users and conducted a workshop with the stakeholders to gain a deep understanding of the present in order to build for the future.


An overview of the different properties.


A deeper dive into one of the web properties.

user flow
deep workshopping

We conducted a workshop with stakeholders to help define their brand, voice, and goals.


Some of the output.

Building A New Experience

After discovery, we swiftly moved into multiple rounds of wireframing to pave the way for final design.


Creating A Visual Toolkit

We created a set of unique and extensible assets to help the authors abandon the use of random stock imagery. The strategy group had no staff designers, so this was a way of ensuring brand cohesion.

image library
play time

We created an easy to modify layered photoshop file allowing content authors the ability to produce new assets once we had finished our engagement. Simply import the original image and turning on and off layers and export the desired result.

final round-up

The final suite of pages.

Selected Works

Intel Commercial DronesWeb Experience


Intel Marketing GroupIntranet Platform

Intel CES360° Web Experience

Ericsson VisionSmart TV Platform

Intel.comGlobal Website

Intel CircuitGlobal Employee Hub

Intel Digital LibraryMedia Assets Platform