Selected works highlighting older endeavors in branding, motion graphics, publication design and type design.


Various Typefaces


Brief overview of typefaces drawn over the years. All experimental in nature, ranging from exploring pixel-vector hybrid fonts to monospaced to stencils to a way of generating patterns depending on what key commands were used. 
The first two slides, Interno and Black-Out, are commercially available.



Various Logos


Some logos designed over the years — from left to right, top to bottom:

The Daily was a general interest publication made specifically for the iPad.

Holografik is a San Francisco based design consultancy.

Dabo was a data sharing and collaboration platform for researchers, scientists and medical professionals; designed at Moving Brands.

Gritstone Oncology is a start-up focused on personalized cancer immunotherapy; designed at Holografik.

Humatics is a start-up specializing in automation and robotics; also designed at Holografik.


Network Redesign For FuelTV


A network package redesign for the now defunct FuelTV — a network devoted to action sports. The package was unlike any other package out there, full of data glitching, digital shredding of hand-drawn elements and random abstractions.
My focus was on the competitive package — to be used during broadcasts of various competitions. The project was led by Jens Gehlhaar while at Brand New School.


Bohemian Modern


Designed a book showcasing hip LA architecture compiled by Barbara Bestor. The book evoked a a hand-made sketchbook quality, random patterns were generated by scanning and manipulating random ephemera I had laying around my apartment or studio. All the randomness and eclecticism was encouraged by the publisher, ensuring each home featured felt as distinct as the people living in them. 
Made in collaboration with Counterspace Studio with illustrations by Geoff McFetridge.


Cycling Gear


Self-initiated kits and bottles I produce on a semi regular basis for myself and a collective of friends (dubbed VCR).

Selected Works

Intel Commercial DronesWeb Experience


Intel Strategy OfficeIntranet Presence

Intel Marketing GroupIntranet Platform

Intel CES360° Web Experience

Ericsson VisionSmart TV Platform

Intel.comGlobal Website

Intel CircuitGlobal Employee Hub

Intel Digital LibraryMedia Assets Platform