Intel Commercial Drones

A tailored web experience showcasing Intel’s drone hardware and software. Internally, the page was also exploration of potential new design patterns for as well as a team design workshop.

Design & Direction

Web Experience

Erwin Dumas, Lead Design
Savannah Hicks, Designer
Chris Tarampi, Designer
Shelley Lai, Designer
Adam Trimble, Development
Katrina Yulo, Strategy 
Ashley Childe, Project Management


Modernizing the experience


Positioning Intel In The Drone Space 
Not known widely within the industry — an upgraded drone page was one part of our strategy in driving awareness and engagement.

Testing New Components
We used this project as a lab to test new UX/UI patterns, mobile responsiveness/performance and improving the company’s design language.

An Internal Showcase
Served as an opportunity to raise internal awareness of our capabilities and generate potential new work.

A Fast-Paced Team Workshop
The project was also a chance for the team to break routine and work in a more expansive, less constrained way.

Spinning Up The Project

Due to scheduling and resource windows, we conceived, pitched, created the initial content strategy and moved into design sprints at a rapid clip.

comm drone assets

Early wireframes.

round 1

Overview of first round hi-fi designs.

Sprinting Ahead

Below are two latter directions that emerged pushing conventional Intel branding, incorporating motion, new navigation patterns and new components. 

latter hi-fi designs
icon exploration

We explored augmenting Intel icons (bottom) or developing a new infographic approach to aid in illustrating complex technical information (top).

Cleared For Takeoff

The final page— highlights included bigger and more clickable buttons, parallax and animation to bring some visual joy, a new on-page way-finding system, and more accommodating content components.


Improved Mobile Experience

Simple actions — scaling and opening up blocks of copy and adding white space — made the page feel more sophisticated, and function better, than a typical Intel page.

mobile drones

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