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CES Web Experience

CES is hugely important for Intel and every year they construct an amazing booth experience. This 360° online tour of the booth was a way for the layperson to experience the booth from anywhere in the world via their PC or phone.

Design & Direction

360° Web Experience


Gerardo “G” Calixto, Design & Direction
Quango, Development
Joe Mayo, Photography


We had a very small window to capture the photos before the crowd flooded the hall.


Allow anyone in the world to virtually visit Intel’s CES booth.


No Need For Goggles
Not everyone has a cumbersome set of VR goggles, by using spherical 360° orthographic images, we could give users the ability to visit the booth with their existing hardware. 

Easy And Intuitive
We strove to make the experience easy to use with minimal directions needed. Mobile access was especially engaging as a user could move their phone in physical space to tour the booth.

Users could share a link that would allow those clicking it to be transported to that location of Intel’s sprawling booth. 

Rapidly Building The Foundation

Below is an overview of the wireframe and user journey G created. Worth noting the turnaround time for this project from concept, RFP, design, development, content capture and launch was roughly 30 days.

setting the stage

A screen recording of the experience as viewed on a PC and iPhone.

Various states of the experience showing various vantage points a user could move to, a map allowing you to quickly jump to the desired location and a detail view of a demo.

ces screens

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