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Intel Graphics Command Center

Complete rethink and redesign of the software controlling graphics performance on PCs with Intel graphics chips, with a primary focus on the gaming audience.

Design & Direction

Software Product

Intel Graphics Team


Create a modern and minimal graphics control panel that resonates with the gaming audience.


Empower Users With Education & Support 
Make advance settings easy to understand with contextual education, transparent metrics and recommendations to encourage the use of powerful features. 

Clear & Efficient For All Users
Create a lightweight and easy to navigate product with a shallow hierarchy, allowing you to find specific features and settings quickly. 

Be A Benchmark 
Create a refined, confident and visually distinct product experience that is delightful to use and consolidates Intel position in the gaming market.

A Robust Foundation

With insights gained from research and interviews, user epics and stories were defined and then iterated upon in the wireframe stage. Features and functionality were regularly validated via user testing prior to high fidelity design.

gcp wireframes

Evolving The UI

Pushing past the conservatism of the Intel brand — from the design language, color palettes, micro-animations and beyond — to create a richer user experience.

Future Possibilities

Speculative designs showing an evolved visual language of the graphics command center possible in future releases.

GCP alt light
GCP alt dark

A Leap Ahead

Screens with similar functionality in the previous release contrasted with the redesign.

GCP before and after

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