Marketing Group Hub

The central news, task and resource hub for Intel’s Global Marketing and Communications group.

Design & Direction

Intranet Platform

Erwin Dumas, Lead Design
Shelley Lai, Design
Matthew Turrini, PM
Adam Trimble, Development
Brian Kennedy, Writer

final designs

Overview of the home, article and calendar detail pages from the upgraded hub.


A complete overhaul of their intranet presence.


A Tool For Members
Consolidating resources in one central location made the platform more functional & relevant for business group members.

A Resource For The Company
The resource consolidation allowed users outside the org to quickly find strategies, downloads and contacts relative to them.

A Showcase Of Successes
The site highlighted marketing campaigns — helping bridge the knowledge gap to the large engineering employee population.

Auditing And Insights

We broke down existing content, interviewed stakeholders and power users to build a list of features and functionality.


Showing What Is Possible

Moving to a new CMS was a concern for the owner. After concluding their goals could not be met with their present platform, I moved right into design to illustrate what would be possible with a platform migration.

initial pitch designs

A Pool Of Assets

Predicting there would not always be accompanying photography for a post, I created a library of illustrations the authors could use for topics lacking visual assets.


The Final Result

As you can see on the left, the previous version looked like corporate Myspace from 2000 compared to the streamlined and functional solution we arrived at.


Selected Works

Intel Commercial DronesWeb Experience


Intel Strategy OfficeIntranet Presence

Intel CES360° Web Experience

Ericsson VisionSmart TV Platform

Intel.comGlobal Website

Intel CircuitGlobal Employee Hub

Intel Digital LibraryMedia Assets Platform